Technical Information


  • Can handle large currents
    16% higher current flow than general products
    (Calculated from heat dissipation simulation)
  • A high heat dissipation package can be manufactured
  • A type with a lead can also be manufactured




After chip and wire bonding to substrates and frames, resin walls can be formed in areas other than the sensor area


  • Miniaturization of external dimensions
    (In the case of □7mm, the area ratio is deleted by about 50%.)
  • Low cost of substrate and glass
  • High reliability of wire after assembly
  • High moisture resistance due to thickening of the resin wall


  • Supports high-speed trial production
    Even when new designs for frames, substrates, mold dies, and lead molding dies are involved, small-quantity trial production is possible in a short delivery time
  • Various simulation analysis such as wire flow, heat dissipation characteristics, stress, etc. by flow analysis software
  • External sample creation with the 3D printer

By mounting multiple bare chips and chip parts, it is possible to manufacture miniaturized and high-density multi-chip modules

Technology 1

Void measures

Countermeasures by vacuum reflow
Vacuum effect reduces voids

Technology 2

Realization of 3D component mounting

  • Non-contact to object
  • High position accuracy

Technology 3

Measures against flux residue
Proposal of fluxless by each reduction gas specification

  • Hydrogen reflow
    No flux required due to hydrogen gas reduction
  • Formic acid reflow
    No flux required due to formic acid gas reduction

Technology 4

Improved position accuracy during mounting

  • Use of jigs for high position accuracy
  • Change of frame shape
  • Change of surface treatment


Focusing on ultra-precision processing technology, we are developing four businesses: semiconductor assembly business, plastic molding business, equipment business, and automotive parts business. Our strength is that we can develop new products that combine each other's technologies and build highly efficient production lines using our unique technologies while developing our business independently.