Semiconductor Assembly

We Manufacture semiconductors
and various sensor packages at the high-security factory

We are doing semiconductor assembly all through from wafer back-grind to packing/taping.
We provide security and satisfaction for our customers through various kinds of packages and high-security management.

・Packaging and testing of various semiconductors
・Packaging, burn-in, and testing of automotive semiconductors
・Packaging and testing of high-security semiconductors in a high-security environment
・Risk dispersion by production in Vietnam and Japan
・Development of new packages
・Development of test programs
・Various simulation analysis before trial production

Package simulation analysis


We offer the packages requested by our customers from a wide range of package lineups.
We can also develop custom packages that are not included in our product lineup.

We provide our customers with packages and technologies realized through collaboration among our internal businesses.

◯:Owning base

In-Process Inspection ApparatusAnalyzerReliability Test Apparatus
Wire-bonding pull testerScanning acoustic tomographThermohygrostat
X-ray inspection apparatusScanning electron microscopeThermostatic chamber
Multi solderability testerSpecimen polisherHot air reflow soldering equipment
Solder bathFlow analysis softwareGas-tank thermal shock tester
X-ray fluorescence thickness meterSpectrum analyzerUnsaturated pressure cooker
Surface roughness tester
Oscilloscope / Curve tracer
Tabletop load measuring instrumentMemory checker
Measuring microscopeHigh precision digital multimeter
Toolmaker's microscopeHigh precision frequency counter
Dew point meter
Static electricity measuring instrument
Surface resistance measuring instrument

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Focusing on ultra-precision processing technology, we are developing four businesses: semiconductor assembly business, plastic molding business, equipment business, and automotive parts business. Our strength is that we can develop new products that combine each other's technologies and build highly efficient production lines using our unique technologies while developing our business independently.