Company Overview

Since its founding in 1945, MTEX MATSUMURA CORPORATION has been aiming to be a manufacturing company trusted by customers.
By accumulating experience and technology so far, we are currently basing on four business portfolios, creating interactions and synergistic effects between each business.
Furthermore, four domestic and overseas offices take on their responsibilities and roles and strive to provide the best products and services to our customers.
We will strive to foster a corporate culture so that each and every employee can act independently and always demonstrate a spirit of challenge and agility.
Based on harmony with all stakeholders, local communities, and the environment, we will continue to strive for the policy of “providing safety and security.”
We look forward to your continued support and kindness in the future.

Takashi Toda, President, and Representative Director

RepresentativeTakashi Toda, President
FoundedMarch 1945
Capital Stock449 million yen
Major Operations• Development, design, and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and molding dies
• Design and manufacture of various manufacturing equipment
• Fabrication of semiconductor devices
• Design and manufacture of PLAPACS®
• Manufacture of automotive parts
CertificationsHead office, Tendo Plant, Obanazawa PlantDeming Application Prize (November 1995)
Eco-Action21 Certification (October 2014)
Semiconductor Device AssemblyIATF16949:2016 Certification (May 2018)
AddressHead office/Tendo Plant

1-7-43 Kitakunomoto, Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken 994-8501, Japan

TEL: +81-23-654-3211
FAX: +81-23-654-9088

Obanazawa Plant

2-2-2 Kitamachi, Obanazawa-shi, Yamagata-ken 999-4231, Japan

TEL: +81-237-22-1151
FAX: +81-237-22-1150

Mar-1945Started production of screw
Mar-1952Started production of sewing machine parts
May-1956Started production of industrial sewing machine parts
May-1958Founded MATSUMURA MFG. CORP.
Capital: JPY31,000k
Apr-1960Started production of automotive parts
Nov-1961Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency's Director award
May-1967Received an equity investment from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Capital increase JPY50,000k
Apr-1969Started development and manufacturing of the tooling machine due to Rationalization, labor saving in-house
Mar-1970Started production of transistor at Obanazawa plant
Started development and manufacturing of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Jul-1970Capital JPY75,000k
Apr-1974Started development and sales of fully automatic mahjong table
Aug-1979Started production of IC at Obanazawa plant
Nov-1982Yamagata prefecture Industrial prize award
Sep-1983Established SHINJYO ELEMECS CO., LTD.
Apr-1984Started production of trimming and cutting die
Mar-1986Capital: JPY196,100k
Apr-1987Started production of molding die
Sep-1990Change the company name to MTEX MATSUMURA CORP.
Created a new company song
Jul-1994ISO9002 certificate at Obanazawa plant
Nov-1995Deming Prize award
Dec-1996Established MTEX (VIETNAM) CO., LTD.
Jun-1997Started shipment of air cavity package for image sensor (PLAPACS®)
Mar-1998Started production of MTEX(VIETNAM) CO., LTD.
Started production of automotive parts
Oct-1999Established M-SOFT CO., LTD.
ISO9001 certificate at Tendo plant
Nov-1999Started manufacturing and sales of lapping machine SF-300
Apr-2000Started development of medical equipment
Jul-2000Started shipment of automotive parts for TOYOTA
Feb-2001Started direct shipment of automotive parts at MTEX(VIETNAM) CO., LTD.
Aug-2001Started production semiconductor device of MTEX(VIETNAM) CO., LTD.
(First semiconductor production in Vietnam)
Nov-2001ISO14001 certificate
Sep-2003Started shipment of SEM(Unit OEM)
Nov-2003Yamagata prefecture Industrial prize award
Beginning TPS(TOYOTA production system)
Jul-2005Health and labor minister incentive award
Nov-2005New capital JPY449,650k
Apr-2011From Kanto Auto Works, Ltd. (TOYOTA Motor East Japan),
good supplier prize award
Oct-2011The transfer of PLAPACS® business from Mitsui Chemical Inc.
Mar-2012ISO9001/TS16949 certificate
May-2012Beginning the risk assessment
Tendo plant, new head office and No.2 factory completion
Oct-2014Eco-Action21 certificate
May-2018IATF16949:2016 certificate

“MTEX” of MTEX MATSUMURA is a combination of the three words below.
It expresses the meaning of “A company which aspires to infinite possibilities with people and technology”.

Philosophy for Being

By making full use of mechanics and electronics, we continue a never-ending challenge to Ultra Precision and provide high-value-added products and development of functions.

◆ Management Philosophy

We devote ourselves to market orientation. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we carry through Quality First and demonstrate the best creativity always in both hardware and software.

◆ Principles of Conduct

Aiming to realize dreams and happiness, and promote harmony with the local community, through independence and education of employees, we make a company that is trusted and full of youth and vitality.

Quality Policy

We establish a quality policy based on the management philosophy, inform it and enforce it to all the employees, to provide the best quality to our customers.

  1. We demonstrate the best creativity always to meet the expectations of our customers.
  2. We obey the principles, establish targets of quality, cost, and delivery period, and strive to continuously improve them.

Environmental Policy

Based on our recognition that “the global environment problem is a common issue for all humanity”, we, as a firm, place environmental measures above other matters in the management. Every employee is involved in sustainable activities to promote the prevention of pollution and decrease the environmental load. We contribute to the maintenance of a healthy global environment and the establishment of a rich and comfortable society. (Please see here in detail about environmental activities)


EstablishedSeptember 1983
RepresentativeChouichirou Matsumura, President
Capital Stock30 Million Yen
Major Operations• Fabrication of semiconductor devices
• Manufacture of automotive parts
CertificationsISO9001: 2015 Certification (July 2018)
EcoAction 21: 2009 Certification (May 2016)
Address711-36, Fukuda, Shinjyo-shi, Yamagata-ken 996-0053, Japan
TEL: +81-233-23-1566
FAX: +81-233-23-1130


EstablishedDecember 1996
RepresentativeYuuichi Morishita, President
Capital Stock5.15 Million USD
Major Operations• Manufacture of automotive parts
• Fabrication of semiconductor devices
CertificationsCertification ISO9001 (December 2004)
Certification ISO14001 (August 2007)
Certification ISO/TS16949 (July 2014)
Certification IATF16949 (July 2018) from ISO/TS16949
TEL: +84-28-37701324
FAX: +84-28-37701326

Msoft Co., Ltd.

EstablishedOctober 1999
RepresentativeYukihisa Satomi, President
Capital Stock10 Million Yen
Major OperationsInternal services
CertificationsISO 14001 Certification
(By Certification Scope of SHINJYO ELEMECS)
Eco-Action21 Certification
(By Certification Scope of MTEX MATSUMURA)
Address1-7-43, Kitakunomoto, Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken 994-0011, Japan
TEL: +81-23-654-1252
FAX: +81-23-654-0252

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