Environmental Activity

Environmental Management Policy

Based on our recognition that “the global environment problem is a common issue for all humanity”, MTEX MATSUMURA CORPORATION, as a firm, places environmental measures above other matters in the management. In the production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, molding dies and semiconductor devices, every employee is involved in sustainable activities to promote the prevention of pollution and decrease the environmental load through employee independence and education. We promote harmony with the local community and contribute to the maintenance of a healthy global environment and the establishment of a rich and comfortable society.

1. We work on the following items as our priority issues to reduce the environmental load in our business operation and to streamline management by reducing costs related to environmental load.

  1. Prevention of global warming (reduction of CO2 emission)
  2. Reduction of the waste (maintenance of zero emission)
  3. Reduction of water usage
  4. Proper management and reduction of chemical substances
  5. Environmentally friendly equipment products

2. We will comply with the environmental regulations, agreements, and other requirements that the country or the local government establishes.

3. We will build and continuously improve our environmental management system that defines our responsibility and authority.

4. We will try hard to raise our employees’ awareness of the environment and keep everyone informed thoroughly about the environmental management system by providing all employees with environmental education.

5. We will inform all the employees of the environmental management policy and disclose it on demand from outsiders.

Established April 1, 2014
Last revised April 1, 2024
Kouki Yoshimura, Director

Activity Result

Volunteer Activity in Local Area

Twice a year, we are conducting cleanup activities around plants road by volunteers.

Tendo Plant November 2, 2023
Tendo Plant November 2, 2023
Obanazawa Plant November 2, 2023
Obanazawa Plant November 2, 2023

History of Environmental Activity

2001ISO14001 Certification
2009Achieve Zero Emissions
2009Summer Excellent Company of Eco Style Challenge Award
2010Tohoku District Energy-Saving Month "Northeast Economic Director Prize" Award
2010Yamagata Prefecture Promotion of Environmental Conservation Prize Award
2014Eco-Action21 Certification

Responsible Mineral Sourcing

We have been working on conflict minerals because we consider human rights abuses and environmental destruction by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries to be serious problems, and we are concerned that they are a source of funding for these armed groups.
In recent years, responsible mineral sourcing, including minerals originating from conflict and high-risk areas, has been increasingly targeted in order to curb not only conflict but also complicity in serious human rights abuses or environmental destruction, and then we will work to promote responsible mineral sourcing by eliminating from our supply chain tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, cobalt, mica, and other mineral issues related to conflict, human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and other risks and irregularities.